CHICAGO (CBS) — The town of Manhattan, Illinois, was getting its first clear look at damage from a tornado that touched down Tuesday night.

National Weather Service crews expected to survey storm damage on Wednesday, to determine exactly how powerful the twister was.

Cell phone videos captured a funnel cloud touching down in Manhattan just after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Some people reported that tornado sirens didn’t go off until the middle of the twister. Manhattan Mayor James Doyle said that issue will be investigated.

“They did go off. People don’t realize that you don’t hear them in your house, because they’re not designed for hearing them in your house, and the wind will push the sound different ways,” Doyle said.

Town officials said no one was reported missing or injured.

“I consider it very fortunate, because at the time the park had a softball game going on and everybody was able to get to shelter. So nobody was injured and I consider that a positive,” Doyle said. “We consider Manhattan very fortunate that we survived without any major damage or injuries.”

The mayor said 12 buildings sustained minor damage. The biggest problem spot was the post office, which had roof and water damage. Nearly all the shingles were torn off in the storm.

Postal workers carted mail to a different facility Wednesday morning.

The house one Manhattan homeowner bought in August was spared, but the beautiful berry trees on her lush lawn were not.

Limbs crashed down the next street over, as well, bringing down power lines.

The twister took out power to thousands in the area.

In one case, ComEd crews had to pull down a shed that was wrapped around a utility pole in order to restore power.

Several trees were uprooted, and a railroad crossing gate was damaged in the storm.

“The pole by the fire station took some damage of tree limbs and burning wire on the pole,” Doyle said. “It came right down Main Street, it affected the Metra crossing gates, it blew out some windows of some of the cars on McClure Street, and it damaged some cars at Kirby’s Bakery and the dental office,” Doyle said.

The mayor thanked police officers, firefighters, and Will County emergency management teams for their quick response to the storm. Doyle said he feels the town was well prepared for the storm, but he plans to sit down with department heads to evaluate everything.

Lauren Victory