By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS)–Regardless of age, hearing “Toys R’ Us” brings joyful thoughts for most Americans accustomed to those catchy commercials with the giraffe and kids singing about not wanting to grow up, but staying a “Toys R’ Us” kid forever.

It was the iconic all-American toy store chain that carried troll dolls and Slip-N-Slides in the 90’s and video games and tech toys for kids as times progressed.

But after 70 years, the store rang its final purchase June 29 and closed the doors of all 800 stores for good.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov visited a Toys R’ Us store Friday, where the once-overstocked aisles are now dusty and desolate.

Customer Erika Bonilla brought her 5-year-old daughter, Debbie, to the store on North Western Avenue in Chicago for one last shopping spree.

They walked away with a bag-full of goodies, including a “Frozen” movie magazine.

“I saved a thousand dollars,” Bonilla said.

Online resale dealers also capitalized on the discounted goods. The sale was announced earlier this year when the chain announced it was going out-of-business.

Steve Moravskij drove 2.5 hours from Indiana to Chicago and filled an SUV and a trailer up with toys.

And while his visit was all about business, being in the store for the last time stirred up some emotions.

“We grew up with Toys R’ Us…Geoffrey…it’s sad,” Moravskij said.

Toys R’ Us will now fade into the sunset like so many other big-box stores.