(CBS) — An Alaska Airlines flight from New York City to Dallas turned into a potential screenplay thanks to a Twitter user who captured a real-life romance between two passengers.

It all started Monday when Rosey Blair asked a woman sitting behind her to switch seats so she can be next to her boyfriend. Upon realizing the chemistry between the woman and a man seated next to her, Blair posted about it on her social media throughout the ride –– and the story quickly became an internet sensation.

Blair didn’t think much of her seat switch at first, but joked with her boyfriend that maybe the woman would meet the “love of her life.” Then, she noticed both strangers hit it off.

“Both look like sexy fitness buffs and they are chatting chatting and smiling at each other and we haven’t even left the runway!!!! I hope they get to fall in love!” she wrote.

Once in the air, Blair documented the interactions, how close their arms were to each other on a flight without air-conditioning, their life goals and made sure to mention the lovebirds escaped to the bathroom at the same time.

“Back from the bathroom together,” Blair wrote. “Now both cleaning up trash and helping each other clean their space.”

By the time the flight was over, it appeared to Blair that the passengers were into each other — and snapped a final photo of them leaving together with luggage from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

When Blair landed, she uploaded everything onto a Twitter thread. it went viral, going so far as catching the attention of Monica Lewinsky.

Blair spoke to the woman and says she is still “unsure about the spotlight” but feels “positively about all of this.”

A man named Euan Holden said he was involved, and  he thanked everyone on Twitter for their support.

“Just want to take a second and thank you all for being so kind and supportive these last 24 hours . Haven’t seen this much love from millions of strangers to another in a very long time! #PlaneBae” Holden wrote.