CHICAGO (CBS) — After weeks apart, a mother’s anguish disappears as she and her young son are reunited.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports, this is the second time in two weeks a Brazilian mother has won court approval to pick up her child in Chicago.

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30-year-old Sirley Paixao and her 10-year-old son Diego were separated at the border after crossing into the United States in May.

On Thursday, a federal court judge ruled the two should be reunited.

Speaking through a translator the two shared their thoughts.

“It feels good. I feel relief,” said Diego Magalhaes.

“I’m extremely happy. I just want to take my son home, put him in school, find myself a job, live a happy life and forget this ever happened.”

Diego said he spent the time in Chicago apart from his mom playing soccer and watching the World Cup with one thing on his mind.

“I always wanted to see my mom,” said Diego.

Maybe two thoughts.

“Wants to eat some McDonald’s,” said Diego.

Until Thursday, his mother’s been unable to eat.

She pleaded guilty to entering the country illegally and was sentenced to time-served, the 21 days she spent in detention.

Then had to find her son.

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“I wasn’t really living my normal life until now that I have my son,” said Paixao.

In court on Thursday, she thanked the many attorneys who helped her. One of them said support is widespread.

“The public has really rallied around this human issue,” said attorney Jesse Bless. “And we need to start thinking about not the mistake, but how we’re going to heal as a country.”

But for now for the shy little boy who went from being alone in a foreign country and into the spotlight, it’s family time.

Paixao and her son will return to Massachusetts where she’s been staying with family friends since her release.

She is now authorized to remain in the U.S. as she seeks asylum.

Meanwhile, in a separate federal courtroom, another Brazilian child appeared with attorneys asking a judge to reunite him with his father.

The 15-year-old boy, and a nine-year-old who was not in court, were separated from their fathers at the Mexican border.

Their attorneys want the fathers released from detention in New Mexico so they can pick up their sons.

“Every second that each of these boys are away from their father is causing further trauma,” said attorney Bridget Cambria. “They’ve been held currently for 43 days, far outside what is legally allowed for children to be in the custody of immigration.”

Attorneys did not want the boy shown on camera.

They return to court July 11 unless the judge issues a ruling before then.

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The 15 year-old also submitted a letter, asking the judge to release his dad by Friday for his 16th birthday.