CHICAGO (CBS)–The weekend protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway sparked a harsh Tweet exchange between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner.

Traffic was back to normal on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday. The regular traffic flow was a stark contrast from Saturday morning when thousands of protestors marched down the highway, eventually shutting it down.

Rauner is turning up the heat on Emanuel for supporting anti-violence marchers who participated in the march over the weekend.

Tweeting his disapproval with city leaders on Saturday, Rauner called on the Mayor to take “swift and decisive action to put an end to this kind of chaos.”

The Mayor’s response? “It was a peaceful protest. Delete your account.”

As Rauner continues to criticize the city’s leadership for allowing disruption on a major highway, protesters led by Rev. Michael Pfleger say they’ll do it again if they don’t get the response they’re seeking.

“The tactics used in that protest were wrong,” Rauner said Monday.

The political fight comes as no surprise to political consultant Don Rose. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker sat down with Rose on the Monday after the march.

“The Governor was playing to his right wing constituency by attacking protestors, and chaos and Emanuel,” Rose said.

Rose says it was also a political play for Emanuel.

“The Mayor gains credibility in the African American community which he lost with the police episodes,” Rose said.

Police  Superintendent Eddie Johnson could also stand to benefit from the events of the weekend.

“He’s doing sort of a one-man police/community relations job,” Rose said.

A somewhat frustrated Pfleger points to purpose of the demonstration.–to force politicians to deliver more resources to fight crime in the black community.

But if they don’t deliver…

“We’re gonna take it up a notch,” Pfleger said.

Pfleger says students sent letters to the Governor, Mayor and other politicians before the march asking them to meet and talk about the issues.

Pfleger says they’re giving everyone another week to respond.



Dorothy Tucker