CHICAGO (CBS) — Just days after he was acquitted of battery charges from a fight in December, Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo is involved in another bar scuffle in Norwood Park.

His attorney said he was off-duty early Friday morning when two gang members followed him and tried to push him.

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It started around 4:00 a.m. when Rialmo and the other two men were kicked out of a bar near Higgins and Mont Clare.

Police are investigating the incident.

In June, a jury found Rialmo was justified in the officer-involved shooting that killed Quintonio LeGrier and neighbor Bettie Jones.

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Below is a statement from Rialmo’s attorney Joel Brodsky:

Officer Robert Rialmo was accosted by two Conservative Vice Lord (CVL) street gang members early this morning, July 13, 2018. The gang members poured a beer on Rialmo after saying they recognized him as a police officer from TV. The gang bangers were flashing gang signs and shouting gang slogans.

When Officer Rialmo, who was off duty, tried to walk away the gangsters followed him and tried to stop him by pushing him back. One gangster charged at Rialmo and was swiped to the side. Then the other gangster started taking cell phone video of Rialmo. Officer Rialmo tried to stop the gangster from taking his picture, and then called 911.

When Rialmo called 911 the CVL street gang members ran off. When other officers arrived as a result of Officer Rialmo’s 911 call, the gang bangers came back shouting gang slogans and flashing gang signs at Rialmo and the officers, which was captured on the officers body cameras.

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Officer Rialmo went to the 16th Police District station to file a report and to take a breathalyzer test. The breathalyzer test resulted in a 0.0 reading. Officer Rialmo filed a report, and the police are investigating. Officer Rialmo is considered the victim of an attack by street gang members.