CHICAGO (CBS) — The quick release of body cam video from the Chicago Police Department did not put protestors at ease.

Protestors are demanding murder charges against the officers involved in a fatal police-involved shooting that happened on Saturday.

Police say body cam video released Sunday clearly shows 37-year-old Harith Agustus reaching for his gun.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports among other things, protestors demanded the name of the officer involved in the shooting and that charges be dropped against a demonstrator from Saturday.

More than 200 protestors showed up in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, protesting violence by police.

Unrelated violence broke out before the protest began. About 45 minutes before the protest, violence struck only one block away. Police secured the scene at 70th and Jeffrey, as two shooting victims were taken away by ambulance. The shooting happened only feet from the memorial for a barber who demonstrators were marching for.

Harith Agustus was shot and killed by a police officer Saturday.

In less than 24 hours from the deadly police shooting, the video was released showing the confrontation, his weapon on his hip, and what appeared to be a reaching motion.

“When I watched the video I saw someone who had his ID out, trying to show his ID to the police, getting gunned down. I did not see anyone reaching for a weapon,” stated Maria Hernandez of Black Lives Matter Chicago. “White people carrying firearms aren’t treated the same way. They have the chance to prove that they have the legal status to carr it or not.”

Police say Agustus did not have a concealed carry permit.

Officers said when demonstrators crossed police tape Saturday, they had to push them back; but protestors are describing it differently.

“We stayed behind those barricades and the police pushed through,” claimed Hernandez.

The protest Monday night was peaceful. Police say there were no arrests.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is investigating the shooting.