CHICAGO (CBS) — CVS Pharmacy has fired two store workers, who called police and kicked out a customer who was trying to use a coupon.

“We have completed our investigation, and as a result the two store colleagues who were involved in the incident are no longer employed by CVS Health,” CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis said in a statement. “We have notified Ms. Hudson and again apologized for the incident.

Customer Camilla Hudson shot video of a worker calling police at the CVS at 6150 North Broadway.

She said she tried to use a manufacturer’s coupon, but the clerks never scanned it, said the coupon was fraudulent and asked her to leave.

“I feel very confident in saying that race, and possibly gender, I don’t know but issues that were not related to anything I said or did or any way I functioned in that space as a customer. There were other issues at play.”

The coupon turned out to be legitimate.