WATERFORD (CBS13) — An alleged kidnapping victim is free from her captors after hiding in a gas station bathroom and calling the cops with the clerks’ phone.

Surveillance cameras captured the victim reaching out to the store clerk for a lifeline, then hiding out in the bathroom where she locked the door until police came.

She made it with the help of a fast-thinking clerk who helped save her.

Savannah Pritchett was at work at the Waterford Triple R Gas and Mart when a woman got out of a car and calmly walked inside and delivered a terrifying message.

“She came in and was super calm, and she grabbed me and when she grabbed me she was very very shaky, she was like ‘Please, please help me,’” she said. “I saw in her eyes and how bad she was shaking that oh no, she was scared. That poor girl, she was scared for sure.”

The woman told Pritchett she had been kidnapped in Fresno, sexually assaulted and that her captors were planning on taking her to San Francisco.

When the captors asked Pritchett what was taking the woman so long at the back of the store, she came up with a story that the woman was tending to her menstrual cycle. The captors never knew Pritchett was helping their victim.

Video shows her announcing she was leaving the store when cops arrived outside, and within seconds, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies were inside with guns drawn.

The kidnappers were handcuffed and the victim was safe. The four suspects face a long list of charges.