CHICAGO (CBS) — In his first comments about the deadly weekend police shooting in South Shore, Mayor Emanuel appealed to all sides to lower their voices–so that even those who disagree can be heard and understood.

“Lower the voices and listen to other voices you may not agree with.,” he said.

The mayor said he didn’t like the violent protests that erupted Saturday night following the killing of neighborhood barber Harith Augustus.

Police officers feared Augustus was reaching for a gun he was carrying when he was shot.

But Emanuel said while demonstrators have a legitimate right to protest, what police face must also be understood, especially when they’re often assumed to be at fault.

Demonstrators have also demanded the release of all video footage in the incident.

Emanuel said it will be released but only when the civilian agency that investigates police shooting determines it’s appropriate to do so.

The mayor declined to say whether the shooting was justified.

“I don’t think it’s time to characterize anything,” he said.