MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (CBS) — Two girls were saved from rough waters in Lake Michigan by an off-duty lifeguard and EMT on Tuesday evening, officials said.

The two girls, who were thought to be around 12 years old, were struggling in the water off the pier in Michigan City on Tuesday evening. Strong winds had created high waves in the area.

Devin Newton, an off-duty ambulance EMT, tried to throw a life ring to the girls, but the winds made it difficult to reach them.

Myles Wright, who is a life guard at Deep River Waterpark, entered the water on the rocks, and despite being battered by waves reaching up to five feet, managed to reach the girls with the life ring.

Both unidentified children were pulled to safety and reunited with family.

Officials said they don’t know how the girls entered the water. Swimming at Washington Park was closed at the time due to high waves and rip currents.

In a statement, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources the men’s “experience and training likely prevented two drownings from occurring. Entering the water to attempt to rescue someone should always be a last resort unless properly trained and equipped.”