CHICAGO (CBS) — The four-legged residents from Blue Sky Farm in the far western suburbs took a field trip to Gevena for a unique exercise experience.

They visited GreenFields of Geneva, a retirement community. After a brief meal break, they were the stars of the trendy relaxation technique called goat yoga.

As four goats parade into the makeshift yoga studio, the residents get warmed up, followed shortly by the yoga class tradition…with a twist.

Goat yoga is a growing trend. The farm’s owner is a converted skeptic.

“Actually, I could believe amount of joy that people got from just hanging out on the floor with goats,” said Ellen Beaulieu of Blue Sky Farm.

After some stretches and poses with chairs, and goats of course, a few of the more advanced students hit the mats with the goats on board.

This was a first for yoga participant Ed Boone.

“It felt different. You normally don’t have somebody climbing on your back when you do yoga,” said Boone.

Vivan Hileman is a goat yoga rookie as well.

“The challenge to hold still while she was moving around back there,” said Hileman.

“Adding a joyful element to our exercise is going to keep us exercising, so I think it’s a great idea,” said instructor Kristin O’Connor.

More than 20 people who don’t normally participate in yoga classes at GreenFields took part Thursday, so the goats definitely provided a big draw.

Some of the people taking part in goat yoga grew up on farms, bringing back memories and putting smiles on everyone’s face.