By Audrina Bigos

CHICAGO (CBS) — The same storm system in the western suburbs of Chicago brought severe weather to Iowa.

Two funnel clouds could be seen in a video shot near Des Moines.

Sirens went off in Central Iowa, as residents watched two funnel clouds rip through neighborhoods.

Northeast of Des Moines, the formation of storms were stronger than expected.

The National Weather Service says the storms caused catastrophic damage.

Lt. Rich Blaylock of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department said, “Law enforcement is going door-to-door in the affected area, making sure that the homes are clear, people are safe, and the homes are okay for people to stay.”

Trees are down, vehicles have been reported missing, overturned, and smashed.

The storm tore roofs off of buildings. Part of the Marshall County Courthouse clock was torn off.

Several other homes are missing chunks of roofing. One home has damage from an RV that flipped against it.

Several tornadoes were confirmed, but it could take a number of days before officials release the exact number of twisters that hit the ground in that area.