JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS Local) – Burger King’s slogan may be “have it your way,” but one customer took it too far when she was caught making her own meal at one of the chain’s Florida eateries.

Two Jacksonville Burger King employees were reportedly fired after allowing the female customer to get out of line and start making food in the fast food shop’s kitchen. “She definitely, she had it her way,” Jeffrey Jones told WJAX. “She didn’t even wash her hands.”

Jones and his sister told reporters none of the employees tried to stop the woman from touching any of the food. “I said, ‘No, you’re not about to fix my food. You’re not in uniform,'” Marcelita Jones said.

After management at the Jacksonville fast food shop failed to explain why the customer wasn’t stopped, a spokesperson for Burger King’s corporate office provided this statement to WJAX:

“The person in the photo was an off-duty employee who went behind the counter to prepare food.  This should not have happened and as soon as the owner of this location was made aware of this incident, the franchise owner terminated the team member and manager for violating their company policies.”