CHICAGO (CBS) — Once you notice men wearing red shorts and blue tops, you can’t stop.

At least that’s what Chicagoan Anderson Lawfer concluded. Earlier this month, he read a Huffington Post article identifying what appears to be a summer trend for men in their thirties: Nantucket red shorts (or pants) topped off with a blue shirt.

“Dudes don’t really wear that outfit,” was Anderson initial reaction after reading the article. But then he went to the Square Roots Festival in Chicago’s Lincoln Square and saw dozens of men donning that exact color combination.

Lawfer dubs it the “North Side Peacock” look. “It’s everyone’s ‘looking good’ outfit when they go out in the summer,” he told CBS 2.


At the festival, Lawfer took photos of about half a dozen men wearing the red shorts/blue tops combination. “I would have taken more, but my wife said I looked like a creep.”

After posting some of the photos on his Facebook page, his friends chimed in they had noticed the trend as well. Jill Evans La Penna wrote, “Literally saw this 5 minutes after I read your post. For the record: my hubs does not own this combo.”


(Credit: Jill Evans La Penna)


(Credit: Rob Biesenbach)

Seeing men wear the combination apparently had an impact on Lawfer, “I just ordered blue shirt and red pants to wear.”