CHICAGO (CBS)–The town of Waterbury, Conn. is concerned after 19 squirrel tails ended up dumped in front of homes in one neighborhood.

The tails litter the street and no one knows how they got there, reports the WFSB Channel 3.

“It’s nasty, I don’t know what it’s about, I don’t know if it’s a ritual or cult,” said Javana Bernard.

Everyone has a theory about how these tails got dumped in this Waterbury neighborhood.

“(We) thought it was some kind of voodoo something or other,” said Erika Dibble.

The discovery was made several weeks ago, and neighbors say the collection was much more elaborate than what is happening now.

“It was in the middle of the road, a wire on the ground with clips all around and some were still attached, some were scattered because obviously, people are driving over them so they went all over the place,” said Bernard.

Neighbors called Waterbury police and animal control but were told to contact the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Squirrel hunting isn’t against the law in Connecticut, Channel 3 reports.

Squirrels can only be legally hunted from September through February, making this discovery that much more troubling for those who have been living next to it.

“My kids play out here, that’s gross I don’t want that stuff all around here,” said Dibble.

The mystery continues.

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