(CBS) — President Trump is talking trade, tariffs and jobs in Iowa, then Illinois on Thursday, a day after announcing he and the president of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker announced they are working towards “zero” tariffs.

The president kicked off a jobs roundtable discussion in Dubuque, Iowa, Thursday, by praising the leaders at the table, talking about ethanol, and blasting Sen. John McCain’s health care vote last year, without naming him. Mr. Trump said “one man” decided “late in the evening” to break with the party. “Isn’t that wonderful?” Mr. Trump said.

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The president has continued to defend his tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, even as members of his own party critique them. But he praised the announcement with the EU on Thursday, particularly over the EU’s agreement to import more soy beans. “This thing called Europe, Europe!” Mr. Trump said Thursday.

“We just opened up Europe for you farmers!” the president added, with “Make Our Farmers Great Again Hats” on the table in front of him.

President Trump speaks at a workforce development roundtable in Iowa on July 26, 2018. (Credit: CBS News)

In Illinois, Mr. Trump will be speaking to steel workers at Granite City Works.

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“Heading to Dubuque, Iowa and then Granite City, Illinois,” Mr. Trump tweeted Thursday morning. “Looking forward to being with many great friends!”

Aboard Air Force One on Thursday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the EU’s concessions and agreement to negotiate is a “vindication” of Mr. Trump’s tariffs strategy. Ross claimed more jobs are being created by the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports than are being lost.