CHICAGO (CBS) — Emergency landing on Lake Shore Drive.

All the lanes on the roadway are now open after they were closed after a small plane landed on Lake Shore Drive.

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The pilot stayed calm while communicating with air traffic control when he called in engine failure.

Air traffic control suggested the pilot fly into O’Hare International Airport but the pilot said he wouldn’t be able to make it.

The blue and yellow plane had to make an emergency landing in live traffic on Lake Shore Drive around 3:15 Friday afternoon as rush hour started to pick up.

Emergency crews pushed the plane off Lake Shore Drive so they could start opening up lanes.

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“It lost 30 percent of its power,” said Deputy Fire Commissioner Bill Vogt. “He came in, he flew in under the footbridge on 35th Street and landed on Lake Shore Drive.

Firetrucks arrived to evaluate the two people inside the plane. They were OK.

“People were making u-turns under the bridge then they had to stop that,” said witness Patty Mann. “It was complete chaos on a Friday afternoon.”

Chicago police say there will be no criminal investigation.


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