CHICAGO (CBS) — The first lawsuits have been filed in the dramatic Aeromexico plane crash in Mexico.

Aeromexico flight 2431 went down shortly after takeoff in the northern state of Durango on Tuesday, en route to Mexico City, and caught fire after the crash.

Survivors of the plane crash are speaking out, including Father Esequiel Sanchez from Des Plaines.

He walked out of a hospital in Durango, Mexico earlier Thursday wearing a cast on his arm.

Like many other passengers, Sanchez credits a higher power for the face that no one died.

“The window of opportunity to survive this, in my mind, was very small,” Sanchez stated. “I began prayers. When you’re in crisis, whatever training you have, that’s what comes through in mind. To be honest with you, I just asked God for his help.”

Mexican authorities believe high wind during a thunderstorm brought down the plane. It also lost engine power and skidded off the runway when it crashed.

Investigators recovered and are now analyzing the plane’s black boxes.

All 103 of the passengers on the plane survived the plane crash.

A Chicago law firm is handling the lawsuit of a teacher from west suburban Northlake who was on the plane returning home from a family vacation.