CHICAGO (CBS)—Wristband-wielding Lollapalooza 2018 fans are gearing up for this year’s big four-day show, but attending one of the largest music festivals in the U.S. requires preparation.

From unpredictable weather to dead phone batteries and long bathroom lines, any number of things can unexpectedly ruin your day–unless you come prepared.

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To keep Lolla 2018 as enjoyable as possible, read up on these five hacks to prepare you to keep rocking out all week long.

1. Bring a portable phone charger. Most seasoned Lolla-goers have had that heart-dropping moment when their phone dies and their friends are nowhere to be found. You can get an on-the-go-charger for less than $15

2. Hand sanitizer is key. The foamy version of the sanitizer festivals provide doesn’t seem to cut it, so bring your own trusty bottle. You’ll thank yourself after you see the condition of the port-o-potties by the end of Day 1. While you’re at it, why not bring a stash of toilet paper in your bag (if it fits). 

3. Wear shoes you’re ok with never wearing again. Mud pits are a very real thing at Lolla. If it rains during the week leading up to the show or any of the days of the festival, be prepared to trek through mud, especially in the lawn area near the Budweiser stage.

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4. Bring snacks, but be prepared to buy water. Avoid the outrageous prices charged by Lolla food vendors by bringing your own (nutrient-rich) fuel to get you through the day. (Think bananas, apples, Kind bars, and other easily-portable foods). Lolla organizers have instituted a ban on water bottles this year, however, so be prepared to pay jacked up prices to stay hydrated.

5. Know your exits and how many times you can leave without being banned for the day. Guests can exit/enter the festival three times per day. Don’t forget about the side exit on Balbo and Jackson to avoid the always-packed main exit off of Michigan Avenue.

Check out Lolla’s Twitter for more tips.


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