(CBS) — A sign marking the area where the body of Emmett Till was found in Mississippi was damaged again by gun fire, marking the fourth time the historical marker has been vandalized.

This is reportedly the fourth time the sign has been vandalized since it was installed in 2013. Images of the sign went viral in 2016 after it was riddled with more than 40 bullet holes.

The sign was replaced just 35 days ago, and the Emmett Till Interpretive Center is now planning to replace it once again and to add additional features to the tell the story of Till’s death.

Till, a 14-year-old from Chicago, was visiting relatives in the Mississippi Delta in 1955 when witnesses said he whistled at a white woman working behind the counter of a store in the tiny town of Money.

Two white men were acquitted of murder and the woman eventually recanted her story about Till decades later.

The Department of Justice has recently reopened its investigation into Till’s murder.

His mother, Mamie, insisted his casket be open so the world could see her horribly disfigured son.

The men, one the husband of the woman who later recanted her story, were acquitted by an all white jury.

They then confessed to murdering Till.

“Not a day has passed that Emmett isn’t on my mind, not one day,” said Mamie Till in 1999.

The Justice Department said it has new information about the case, but hasn’t disclosed what the information is.

The men who said they killed Till are dead.

The woman at the center of the case told a researcher in 2008 that Emmett Till never touched her nor said anything vulgar and in her words, “nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.”