CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s been a long, confusing journey, but 23 French bulldog puppies rescued in Texas are back in Chicago to find new forever homes.

Authorities discovered 28 dogs packed in plastic crates in a moving truck in Texarkana last month, with no food or water.

The dogs had been flown from Ukraine to Chicago, then put in a moving van headed to Texas, where they were rescued after police pulled over the truck for a traffic violation. It was 121 degrees inside the truck, and the dogs had no food or water.

Unfortunately, five of the 28 puppies died, but the Humane Society of the United States paid for care for the other 23, and Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has brought them back here to put them up for adoption.

For now, all 23 dogs are at animal hospitals, recovering from heat-related illnesses. Once healthy enough, they will go into foster homes until they’re ready for adoption.