CHICAGO (CBS)–A Chicago homeless man named John has been left brokenhearted after his cat was stolen. 

Not all of John’s circumstances are known, but he’s a homeless man who lives on the busy corner of Michigan Avenue and Ohio Street with his cat, Faith. He is said to have saved Faith from bad circumstances about a year ago. The pair had been inseparable ever since.

Until last week, when Faith was stolen by someone who some people believe is against the homeless keeping pets.

John and his cat, Faith. (Facebook)

Chicago resident Emily Poniatowski shared John’s story Thursday on Facebook after noticing the sign he typically displays asking for food was replaced with a new sign pleading for the return of his beloved feline friend.

Poniatowski has been passing by John on her daily morning to walk for years. She describes him as a kind man who often reads from his bible and is “gracious to people around him,” she said.

He saved up his money to get Faith’s vaccinations and a microchip. He cared for Faith “more than he cares for himself,” Poniatowski said.

“I have seen Faith grow up in his care,” Poniatowski said. “He simply adores her and it appears that Faith just loves him to pieces the way she curls up in his arms free of a leash.”

Faith is usually posted next to John in her brightly-colored cat carrier, but she disappeared on July 31 from the corner of Grand and Wabash, where John had been sitting in front of the Starbucks, Poniatowski said.

“Clearly John has not had the best hand of cards dealt to him, and maybe you disagree with his situation; but Faith is his companion, and I can’t imagine the sadness and helplessness he must feel of losing his best friend,” Poniatowski wrote on Facebook.

Lost Cat Illinois, a non-profit that helps reunite lost pets with their owners, took notice and distributed a flyer on social media:

Faith is a domestic short-hair calico mix with short gray and black-striped fur. She has a fresh incision from being spayed.