CHICAGO (CBS) —  It’s a year when wealthy political candidates in the governor’s race are spending like never before.

But one of the wealthy candidates in the Chicago mayoral race is complaining the hook only seems to be out for him.

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CBS 2 political reporter Derrick Blakley takes a look at how Willie Wilson’s handouts stack up against what other candidates are giving away.

“I didn’t know it was a crime to give your own money away to feed the poor,” said Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson.

The act that raised the eyebrows of political insiders: Wilson giving away tens of thousands in cash at a church event three weeks ago.

Fighting poverty, he said, not buying votes.

“I’m tired of white people telling me how to spend my own money to help poor people and the needy,” said Wilson.

He accused the political class of hypocrisy for only increasing scrutiny on him. After Wilson’s cash giveaway, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan started asking questions about where Wilson’s money was coming from.

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But when it comes to donations by wealthy politicians, Wilson hardly leads the pack.

Between winning the GOP nomination and October of last year, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and his wife gave 35 million dollars of their personal cash to other Republicans.

And since J.B. Pritzker began his campaign for governor, the Democratic nominee has given more than five million of his own money to fellow Democrats.

“Our records are clean. We have nothing to fear there at all,” said Wilson.

Madgian’s office agrees saying the records for Wilson’s charitable foundation are in order. Meantime, Madigan’s not examining Pritzker or Rauner because, her office said their spending involves campaign finance, not charitable giving.

“I feel I been done unfairly here. I broke no laws,” said Wilson.

He said he intends to give away tens of thousands more around Labor Day. And the big boys aren’t slowing their political donations either.

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On Friday, Rauner donated a million dollars to Republican attorney general candidate Erika Harold.