Editor’s note:  The changes against Mahmoud Eid were dropped and the criminal case against him was expunged from public records on May 26, 2021. 


TEXARKANA, Texas (KTBS) — Nearly two dozen French Bulldog puppies are now recovering after being discovered in a sweltering hot moving van in Texarkana, Texas.

Police believe the puppies were flown into the country from Ukraine.

Drivers of the moving van, Adam Darwish, 19, and Mahmoud Eid, 18, were taking the animals on July 12th from Chicago to Houston when they were arrested in Texarkana.

Both men were charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty.

All of the dogs have been sent to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, and will be quarantined until they’re healthy enough to be released to foster homes.

Before being transported back to Illinois, 23 of the puppies received veterinary care in Texarkana.

Police say the dogs had been held in shipping crates with no food or water, and the inside cargo area was 121 degrees.

There were a total of 27 living dogs on board, plus one that was already dead.

The surviving dogs were treated at the Ark-La-Tex Animal Hospital, but four of them later died due to various illnesses.

Dr. Beth Wheat helped treat the dogs for nearly 30 days.

“We gave them repeated fecal samples and wormings, IV fluids, and nutrition. They were pretty much okay after that,” explained Dr. Wheat.

Wheat believes the dogs were able survive thanks to the Texarkana police, animal control and her staff working together to ensure their safety.

French Bulldogs are a popular breed and can be costly to adopt, but officials with the Humane Society say they come with a lot of issues.

They recommend those looking to adopt a pet to visit their local shelter or rescue group.

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