CHICAGO (CBS) — Monday is National Prosecco Day and what better way to celebrate than having a tasting!

Joining CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot in the studio is wine director Sam Geatti and Mark Sparacino, executive chef and owner of the River North restaurant Prosecco.

“Prosecco has been in the market for quite a bit now. It follows the steps of champagne but without the price and it’s very versatile,” said Geatti.

But the labeling of a prosecco bottle can be a little deceptive.

“In the prosecco lingo, when you see “dry” or “extra dry” on the label, it actually means that it’s a little bit sweeter, there’s a little bit more sugar,” said Geatti. “When you find “brut” on the label, it means dry.”

The restaurant’s owner notes that because of prosecco’s versatility, it can be paired with just about anything.

“You can spread the gamut from seafood to meat, pasta,” said Sparacino. “If you have a sweeter prosecco it pairs nicely with spicier and bolder foods.”

At Sparacino’s restaurant, in honor of National Prosecco Day, all proseccos will be half off.

Visit the Prosecco restaurant’s website for more information on their specials and prosecco offerings.