CHICAGO (CBS) — There is a dog-gone dispute playing out at one of the city’s favorite dog beaches and Chicago Police are getting involved.  CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports two business are selling almost the same doggy treats at Montrose Dog Beach, but one has a vendors license and one has a peddlers license.

In the dog days of summer, the fur is flying at Montrose beach over the sale of canine treats.

“We have an awesome mutt-cicle” ice cream,” said Paul Farenbacher of Mutt Jackson. “You have your choice of beef, chicken, or fish chips for tasty toppings. We even have a [non alcoholic] dog beer.”

Paul Farenbacher invested at least $200,000 to open the dog-washing station, Mutt Jackson. This year, Mutt Jackson expanded to also sell dog treats. Farenbacher operates Mutt Jackson with a city vendor’s license.

“This is a permanent brick and mortar, you are not going anywhere, vendor’s license,” said Farenbacher.

On weekends, however, pictures have been released showing a big yellow truck, Fido To Go, pulling up right next to Mutt Jackson, selling doggy treats of its own.

“Traditionally, they start at 9 a.m. and stay until 5 p.m. and they are in direct competition,” said Farenbacher.

The situation has gotten so bad, Farenbacher, after speaking with city hall and alderman, called police twice in the past two weeks.

“I was told by every party this is what I should do, including the captain of police,” he said.

Fido To Go bills itself as a treat truck and isn’t subject to the same rules as human food trucks, which may not operate within 200 feet of a restaurant.

However, the city’s Department of Business Affairs confirmed Fido To Go only has a peddlers license, and should be constantly on the move. Through an attorney, Fido To Go said they are “working with the city.

Two court dates are scheduled in the weeks ahead to try to solve the dispute. If Fido To Go returns to the beach to sell treats and does not move every few minutes, the business could risk losing its peddlers license.

Vince Gerasole