CHICAGO (CBS) — The agency in charge of investigating police shootings released more raw video of the fatal shooting of Harith Augustus on July 14 in the city’s South Shore neighborhood.

Body cam video without audio was previously released in the days following the shooting. The new footage released late Thursday offers a more complete picture of the confrontation that led to a police officer shooting Augustus on the 2000 block of East 71st Street.

The newly-released video captures the moments leading up to the shooting and reactions afterward, including an intense conversation between the officer who shot Augustus and another officer who was on the scene.

Chicago’s police oversight agency released the video August 16, about a month after the shooting. The footage shows two perspectives of the encounter–a police bodycam video and surveillance from street camera.

The footage does not show what happened before the shots were fired or reveal what Augustus said as he ran away with his hand on a gun holstered on his right hip.

(NOTE: CBS Chicago is not showing the full video because it shows graphic footage of Augustus’ body in the street.)

“Sarge, that’s me. He pulled a gun at me,” says the officer moments after the shooting as Augustus lay in the street.

The sargent asks: ‘Was there only one? Who else shot?”

Moments later the fellow officer who was on the scene asks, “You OK, you OK?”

The officer who fired the shots asks: “He had a gun?”

“Yes,” the other officer says. “Breathe in, through your nose. .. out your mouth. … I feel like I wasn’t there for you.”

“Why did he have to pull a gun out on us?” the officer asks. “I had to, he was going to shoot us.”

“Look at me, you are going to be OK.” his fellow officer replies.

After the shooting, an officer recovers a gun from Augustus’ waist.

The CPD body cam video released last month shows the same scene but from a closer angle: Several officers attempt to question Augustus and at one point one officer grabs his arm.  Augustus spins away and runs into the street, where he reaches for a gun from his waistband. He is then shot by one of the officers.

After the shooting, tensions rose quickly. Dozens of people showed up, and at some point the officers had to push the crowd back.

The new video does not indicate what was said as officers approached, because none of the body cam audio was activated until after the shooting.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has said the officer who shot Augustus has been on the force for about two years.