CHICAGO (CBS) — A Glendale Heights tow truck driver is facing child endangerment charges after allegedly towing a man’s car with his child, who has Down Syndrome, inside.

The dad was most galled, not by the fact his car was towed with his son inside, but that the tow truck driver allegedly abandoned the boy in a bank parking lot near Bloomingdale and Fullerton.

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The child, marooned by the tow truck driver, is 11-year-old Faraz Ramzan who has Down Syndrome.

“My son was inside and I took the pizza, the towing guy was standing over there,” Jon Ramzan recalled, saying he was delivering pizzas like he does every Friday to a mosque. This time, however, while he was dropping off the pizzas, his car was towed.

Brad Edwards: “Were you scared?”

Jon Ramzan: “I was panicked.”

It is alleged the tow truck driver, Brian T. Clark, towed the car. Police say the tow truck driver allowed the child to exit the vehicle blocks away, then left him there unattended.

Brian T. Clark, 52, has been formally charged with endangerment of a child and reckless conduct.


Brian T. Clark, 52, has been formally charged with endangerment of a child and reckless conduct.

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“He said ‘I have your kid and he’s been wandering the streets,’” recalled Keiran Ramzan, the boy’s sister.

Keiran called her dad’s cell phone, thinking something was wrong, and a stranger answered. A man noticed Faraz in distress and picked up the dad’s phone.

“I said, ‘My dad is at the mosque, so if you could get my brother there,’” Keiran said to the mystery man.

That is exactly what the mystery man did.

“We haven’t met him, we haven’t seen him, but we thank him,” stated Jon.

“It’s a miracle that he found my brother,” said Keiran.

The tow truck driver is out on bond.

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The Ramzan family has been reunited and says they’re thankful for the Good Samaritan they don’t know, but would like to thank him.

Brad Edwards