CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago woman professed her desire to adopt a chubby cat up for adoption in a suburban Morton Grove animal shelter by performing an original, catchy tune.

Lauren Paris recorded the song, “Gimme That Fat Cat” and sent it to the animal shelter along with her adoption application. She says her friend, Kathleen Gibson, helped her write the song, noteing every description and requirement the cat needs in her song lyrics.

In the song, Paris sings, along with a piano accompaniment. She sings about how she “needs to be his mom” and will “let him meow and meow at me – my thick and chatty baby cat.”


I didn’t think I could know a love like this

Wright Way Rescue please do what is right

I’ll give him the best furever home because

Bruno is the love of my life


Gimme that fat cat

All my love I’d give

Gimme that fat cat

I’m body PAWsative


Won’t pet him on the tummy

Cuz I know he don’t like that

I’ll let him meow and meow at me

My thick and chatty baby cat


Gimme that fat cat

I need to be his mom

Gimme that fat cat

I love a cat shaped like a blob

Real cats have curves


The giant, chubby cat she refers to in the song currently resides at Wright-Way Rescue. Bruno the cat weighs 25 pounds. The shelter says he is high-maintenance.

Paris said she wants to adopt the cat so bad, she submitted a letter of recommendation, written by her boss, to the shelter. She also submitted a letter of intent and videos of her home.

The post, which shows 7-year-old Bruno seated on his hind legs in a resting pose, has been shared more than 27,000 times and has garnered 17,000 likes since the shelter posted his photos on Wednesday.

When Bruno gets hungry, he makes it known by sitting in his signature pose, which he sometimes does for up to 30 minutes, according to Jacoby Andrick, a spokesperson for Wright-Way Rescue.

He probably won’t be a shelter cat for long, however. Since his photos went viral, adoption applications have flooded in—from as far as Australia and Canada, according to Andrick.

Wright-Way said they haven’t chosen Bruno’s new owner yet.

Good luck Lauren!



Posing Chubby Cat Needs A Home