CHICAGO (CBS)–A Chicago mom awaiting deportation in a Texas jail is pleading to attend the funeral of her 5-year-old son, who was killed Friday.

Toys and teddy bears mark the spot where Johnny Flores, Jr. was hit by a car Friday after stepping out of his grandmother’s car. His father Johnny Flores was just pulling up when he saw paramedics working on his son.

His voice cracking with emotion, Johnny Flores talks to CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker about the momentos he’s gathered to honor his son.

“This is the last Father’s Day gift he gave me..that I’m going to cherish forever,” Flores said.

Chicago mom Siquem Herrera awaits deportation in a Texas jail, and is asking to attend her 5-year-old son’s funeral

As Flores prepares for his son’s funeral, his ex-wife and Johnny Jr.’s mother, Siquem Herrera, can’t be with him because she’s in jail.

Herrera was sent to prison for robbery shortly before Johnny, Jr.’s first birthday.

Herrera served her full sentence, but she is now awaiting deportation to Mexico. Herrera says her pleas to attend her son’s funeral are being ignored.

“I’m not asking they let her free–I just ask that they allow her to say goodbye,” Flores said.

Funeral director Robert Moynihan is trying to help the family. He’s reached out to Illinois lawmakers asking them to intervene.

“I became a funeral director 35 years ago,” Moynihan said. “We’ve had some hardened criminals attend funerals, and in this case it seems wrong that the red tape is so prohibitive.”

Moynihan opined that authorities should exercise their humanity and let the mother say goodbye.

Johnny, Jr.’s wake is tomorrow. A date for the funeral has not be confirmed because the family is hoping the boy’s mother will get the ok to attend his services.

Dorothy Tucker