(CBS) — Kane County prosecutors have cleared a North Aurora SWAT officer of any wrongdoing, finding he was justified for fatally shooting an escaped inmate who got his hands on a sheriff’s deputy’s gun, and took hostages at Delnor Hospital last year.

The Kane County State’s Attorney’s office reviewed a report by the Illinois State Police, which investigated the incident, and determined the officer — a member of the Kane County SWAT team — reasonably believed “it was necessary to use force intended to cause death or great bodily harm” to prevent 21-year-old Tywon Salters from shooting him, other officers, or a nurse he was holding hostage:

“The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, in its review of this incident, has determined that there is no evidence of any criminal actions on the part of any other officer or individual involved, other than the deceased, Tywon Salters, who cannot be prosecuted. The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office considers its review of the matter for both use of force and for any potential criminal charges closed at this time.”

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Salters was being treated at the hospital on May 13, 2017, after eating his jail-issued sandal, when he grabbed a sheriff’s officer’s gun, and took two nurses hostage.

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A few hours later, after attempts to negotiate with Salters failed, SWAT officers entered the room where he was holding the nurses hostage, and killed him in a shootout. Salters was pronounced dead at the scene. A SWAT officer was shot in his vest, but was not seriously wounded.

The two nurses later sued Kane County, alleging Kane County Sheriff’s Officer Shawn Loomis removed Salters’ shackles so he could use the toilet, and then allowed Salters to use the restroom unguarded and without restraints. The lawsuit also alleges Loomis didn’t shackle Salters when he returned to his hospital bed, and sat on a couch, allowing Salters unobstructed access to the hospital room door.

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About 30 minutes later, Salters grabbed the officer’s handgun, and Loomis allegedly ran away and hid in another room. Salters then took a nurse hostage, forced her to strip, and beat her. He then allegedly took a second nurse hostage, forced her into a decontamination room, told her to undress, and repeatedly beat and raped her at gunpoint.