CHICAGO (CBS)–The way America chooses it’s next president could see drastic changes next election.

As CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports, Chicago is where much of the change is taking shape.

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Democrat Selina Vickers is still angry about Hillary Clinton losing the state of West Virginia in 2016.

“She won 36 percent of the vote, but she won the state of West Virginia,” Vickers said. “So tell me how is that democracy?”

Bernie Sanders won every county in the state, but at the convention, Sanders won 18 and Clinton had 19, Blakley reports.

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“Everybody that voted for Sanders felt, ‘why did I go vote?'” she said.

California Democrat Carol Bernal said it felt like democrats had made up their minds to put their money on Clinton–no matter what.

The close vote in West Virginia and elsewhere during the Primaries has prompted Democratic National Chair Tom Perez to support stripping super delegates of their presidential voting abilities.

Ballots will be cast tomorrow to determine whether the change takes effect.

Blakley has the full story here:

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