(CBS) — Chicago mayoral contender Willie Wilson is free to continue cash giveaways to voters, a state panel ruled Friday.

The Illinois Board of Elections was asked by a watchdog group to punish Wilson. The full State Board of Elections agreed Wilson broke no laws and wasn’t required to disclose the amount he’s given away.

The Illinois Campaign For Political Reform filed the complaint and vows to keep on fighting.

“Transparency is the only real safeguard Illinois voters have after decades of costly corruption scandals. ICPR will work to ensure that lone safeguard is not whittled away,” said ICPR Executive Director Mary Miro. “ICPR has tremendous respect for Dr. Wilson and his philanthropy, and has never wanted to stop his charitable activities. ICPR only wants to ensure that such activities are appropriately disclosed when they are closely aligned with a campaign for public office.”

Wilson has long donated cash directly to individuals he believes are in need.

Wilson said he gave away more than $200,000 at an event last month.

Wilson is in the midst of a second effort to unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The election is Feb. 26, 2019. A potential run-off would take place April 2.