CHICAGO (CBS) — There are still no charges in two different baby death in the south suburbs.

Now a police chief is calling for the state’s attorney’s office to step in.

One child was found inside a Dolton shed 15 months ago. Police said they now know who the little girl belongs to and want to bring charges against her family but the medical examiner wasn’t able to determine the child’s cause of death so no one has been charged with homicide.

Dolton’s police chief said there are other charges he can pursue like improper disposal of human remains. But first he wants a meeting with state prosecutors.

“We need them to come to the table, sit down with us and I know there’s a laundry list of things they want us to do in order to shore up the investigation,” said Chief Robert Collins of the Dolton Police Department. “We are willing to take those steps as long as we have their backing so we can close it.”

Crisis responder Andrew Holmes is also trying to get help in an unrelated baby death investigation in Markham. The infant’s body was found just 26 days after the Dolton case and no one has been brought to justice.