CHICAGO (CBS) — A gruesome discovery in Riverdale on Sunday.

The bodies of a  father and his adult son found together. The father’s toddler was discovered alive inside the Riverdale home near the bodies.

The mother of the two-year-old found the two men early Sunday morning. Police are now trying to determine what happened.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar has the story from the south suburb.

The medical examiner was in Riverdale on Sunday. Two bodies found inside an apartment. The family said they were a father and son, possibly shot over an argument by a family friend.

Family members embraced one another as they arrived at the home at 139th and Indiana shortly after getting word that two of their relatives were shot and killed inside an apartment.

The family identifies the father as Vincent Martin and his son 25-year-old Marquell Carter.

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Carter was the youngest of more than 20 kids and had a strong bond with his dad.

While police in Riverdale haven’t released any information, according to family the two were inside their apartment early Sunday morning when a family friend was invited over and an argument allegedly broke out.

A relative found both men dead inside the apartment Sunday morning along with Martin’s two-year old child who was unharmed in all of this.

“He was like a father to me,” said niece Jessica Scott. “For them to do something like this you have to have no heart, no heart at all.”

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The family said they have a pretty good idea who may have pulled the trigger, there is no word on any arrests.