By Audrina Bigos

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two dogs attacked two children in two different cities across state lines. The families of the victims are asking how it happened and why the Pit Bulls were released to new owners.

Police said it appeared the dogs attacked a child in Indiana before they ended up in the Chicago suburb of Park Forest.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports after the first attack, the dogs were quarantined and observed for ten days. After the ten day period, they were released.

An eight-year-old girl, Nadia Esco, was attacked by the dogs.

“She wasn’t just bitten, she was mauled,” said Nadia’s mother, Ravyn Esco. “She has marks all the way from her shoulder blades to her knees; 32 bites for one child. She’s 50 pounds. You almost killed my baby.”

“They tried to eat my face, but I moved my face out of the way,” Nadia said.

Clark Roberts, the child’s neighbor, helped save her. “It was like a scream I’ve never heard before. It was like a scream off of the horror movie, it was that bad,” he said.

“He beat the dogs with the stick and then I ran in the house,” Nadia recalled.

Nadia’s mother could not stop thanking her daughter’s hero.

“Thank you, Jesus, for this man coming to save my baby. What if he wasn’t there?” Ravyn Esco said. “I’m so thankful, seriously.”

The same question was asked by another mother 20 miles away last month in Munster, Indiana. Her eight-year-old son, Sacha Pchelenkov, saved his two-year-old brother from a Pit Bull attack.

“He was yelling ‘Leave my brother! Leave my brother!” the boys’ mother said. “Out of nowhere these two dogs showed up.”

Officials say the dogs that attacked the Pchelenkov boy were the same dogs that attacked Nadia Esco.

The owner of the dogs would not talk to CBS 2 reporters last month.

Park Forest Police say that owner gave or sold the dogs to a new owner in Park Forest.

“If you knew those dogs attacked another little boy and almost took his life, why would you sell those dogs to another person in a neighborhood with kids in it, knowing what the dogs could do?” questioned Ravyn Esco.

Clark Roberts said, “If they knew the dogs did that that to another person, they should have put them down.”

Ravyn Esco wants to know who is responsible for letting the dogs go after the first attack. “I am so pissed. I’m coming after Munster Police. I’m coming for the animal shelter.”

The current Park Forest owner has been cited, but they say they did not know the dogs attacked a child in Munster. The dogs are in quarantine while Park Forest Police investigate.

CBS 2 spoke to the mother of the child attacked last month. She said she is shocked and saddened that the dogs attacked another child.


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