CHICAGO (CBS)Coleman Elementary School in Elgin will be closed again Tuesday, following a mold discovery in the school last week. Classes were suddenly canceled last week as school officials worked to remedy the situation.

School District 46 officials said health risks due to the mold are low, but they decided to close school as a precaution.

Crews have been working to remove the mold since last week.

“The remediation process is taking longer than expected, and our Plant Operations team needs additional time to thoroughly remediate the mold and reduce the moisture levels in the building,” a statement released by the school district on Monday said.

The district blamed the problem on a rainy, humid summer.

Mold was found in hallways, several classrooms and the cafeteria, according to District 46 CEO Tony Sanders.

CEO of School District 46, Tony Sanders, said mold is being removed from Coleman Elementary School.

“What’s unique about this building is it’s full of wood paneling (and) that wood is where most of the problem lies,” Sanders said. “With the humidity we have, there’s mold spores around us all the time. When it gets attached to something in a building, we do have to remediate it on a regular basis.”

“I understand that the unexpected cancellation of classes can pose a challenge for many of our Coleman families,” Sanders said in the statement on Monday. “I am disappointed Coleman students will miss out on instructional time. But the health and safety of our students and staff is our highest priority, and while the risk of harm is low, we want to give our Plant Operations team the time to thoroughly take care of the issue.”

For more information, Coleman Elementary officials posted a question and answer section on the school’s website.