CHICAGO (CBS) — Lincoln Towing will reportedly be able to resume operations until it can resolve licensing issues with state regulators.

The Illinois Commerce Commission stripped the business of its license to operate last week after hundreds of complaints about illegally towing cars and overcharging drivers.

At a hearing Monday, an attorney for Lincoln Towing argued the company should be allowed to resume business as usual until it can fight state regulators in court.

In a statement, an ICC spokesperson said:

“A hearing held on Friday continued until today [Monday]. Lincoln Towing has filed a temporary restraining order in response to ICC’s decision to revoke the license. Lincoln Towing is seeking to conduct normal business until there’s further legal action on their part.”

ICC said as of 4 p.m. Monday, Lincoln Towing can resume towing vehicles, but there are several limitations. Lincoln Towing will have to post surety bond by Tuesday afternoon, as well as supply daily logs of towing history to ICC for staff review.


State Revokes Lincoln Towing’s License