CHICAGO (CBS)–There’s nothing better than jetting off to a warm destination during winter in the midwest, but a new report released this week reveals Illinoisans like to travel much more than most of our American counterparts.

Illinois Ranked Third Most Traveled State (Digital Third Coast)

Illinois ranks third in the nation when it comes to states that travel the most, according to a study from Chicago-based digital marketing agency Digital Third Coast. The company looked at Google search trends to identify the states that searched travel phases the most often, per capita.

California ranked first, followed by Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada and Florida.

As for the least well-traveled states, Mississippi was the worst, coming in at number 50. Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma round out the list for being the least likely to search for travel phrases on Google.

The study shows many of the least-traveled states are in the southeast part of the country, where the socioeconomic status is typically lower.