CBS (CHICAGO)–Four Chicago men are facing felony kidnapping charges after police said they kidnapped a man from his car in South Suburban Oak Lawn.

The men arrested are Francisco Arroyo Jr., 18; Daniel Cabrera, 19; Michael Hernandez, 18; and Andrew Martinez, 34, were taken into custody.

The victim, a 24-year-old man, was released before police showed up. Police said the kidnapping was a retaliation for a stabbing that occurred in Chicago.

Police said the victim was in a vehicle with a woman and a small child last Thursday. When the vehicle was stopped at a red light at 103rd and Cicero, the four male suspects, one brandishing a knife, got out of the car and tried to pull the driver out of his vehicle, police said.

The driver was able to drive away, but stopped a short time later on the 4700 block of 101st Street after one of his tires went flat.

Police said the men put him into their car at that time and drove away.

The vehicle driven by the alleged kidnappers was located in the area of 60th and Elizabeth a short time later, and police arrested the suspects.

The victim was later located with minor facial injuries after being struck by the offenders during the kidnapping, police said.

All four suspects have been charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping and are being held without bond.