CHICAGO (CBS)–On Hispanic Heritage Night at Wrigley Field Monday night, a fight that broke out in the bleachers turned ugly when a fan later identified as a soldier with the Indiana National Guard started hurling racial slurs targeting Mexicans.

The Indiana National Guard identified the fan as an Army soldier, according to a statement the national guard released Wednesday.

The Cubs celebrated Hispanic culture by handing out shirts to fans on Sept. 24 that said “Los Cubs” and offering specially-priced tickets for the night game, but the brawling mob of fans in the bleachers weren’t in such a celebratory mood.

Videos posted on Twitter show the mood in the bleachers turning sour after the team’s 5-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Cubs podcast host Danny Rockett started videotaping the brawl as at least 12 people got involved. The stadium is mostly empty and organ music plays in the background as two men that were part of the larger brawl break off and punch each other.

Other fans witnessing the fight try to stop it, with a fan heard yelling “There’s no fighting in the bleachers!” A woman is heard screaming, “Stop it!”

A man screams, “He hit me in the face!”

Cubs security guards step in at one point, trying to put a stop to the fighting.

As the scene starts to die down, toward the end of the second video an enraged man shouts “You threw the first punch!” And then is heard yelling a slur for Hispanic people.

Rockett’s Tweet and the footage was viewed almost one million times following the game. No arrests were made.


Cubs spokesman Julian Green said it’s not clear what started the brawl, but said everyone involved was escorted out of the ballpark.

“There was no conclusion as to what started or who instigated the fight,” Green wrote in an email. “No charges were filed and no arrests were made. We have a zero tolerance against fighting so all the individuals involved will be barred from Wrigley Field for the remainder of 2018 though the guest who used the inappropriate language will likely be banned indefinitely.”