CHICAGO (CBS) — A Lakeview man was steps away from his front lawn when he was robbed at gunpoint early Monday morning. The man used the “Find My iPhone” app to help police track down and arrest the suspects on the Wilson Red Line train.

Around 12:45 Monday morning, the Lakeview resident, who does not want to be identified, went out to his parked car on Brompton Avenue to change his window city sticker.

“I didn’t want to die last night,” said the Lakeview resident. “It was crazy. I was focused on the gun. It was pointed at my chest.”

“I turned and saw a gun pointed at me,” he said. “They said ‘give me your phone. I will shoot you.’”

The two robbers cornered him by his car and one, armed with a gun, took his phone.

“He then asked for my wallet, which of course, I handed over,” he said. “He turned to walk away, turned around, and said ‘better yet, give me your car keys.’”

The two robbers took off. The Lakeview man opened his roommate’s “Find My iPhone” app to find his phone, directing police to the El platform.

Chicago Police stopped the Wilson Red Line, tracking down and arresting a 17-year-old and an adult. Police allegedly found the recently stolen items on both men.

“When they were arrested, did that give you some peace of mind? Some closure?” CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar asked the Lakeview man.

“Honestly, I feel bad for them. The fact that your life has come to robbing people. You should be in school, trying to get an education,” he replied.

Chicago Police said the 17-year-old was charged with felony armed robbery. Charges for the adult are still pending.

Charlie De Mar