Chicago (CBS) — After J.B. Pritzker claimed he did nothing wrong, he’s now paying back $330,000 in tax breaks he allegedly got from ripping five toilets out of his Gold Coast mansion. But, did he commit a crime and could he be prosecuted?

Former Illinois Republican Chairman and ally of Governor Rauner, Pat Brady, was outside Pritzker’s Astor Street property and strongly suggested Pritzker broke the law.

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“You got a perjury. You got conspiracy. You got all kinds of federal crimes,” Brady said.

County Inspector General Pat Blanchard highlighted a work order to a plumbing company, which points directly to M.K. Pritzker, J.B.’s wife.

“She is going to have the house re-assessed as an uninhabitable structure. To do this, she would like to have us pull all the toilets,” the work order said.

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Later, two separate affidavits to the assessor from Pritzker Associates claimed the mansion was “uninhabitable” with “no functioning bathrooms or kitchen”.

“If I had filed affidavits on any of these properties, fraudulent affidavits, and got $330,000 in taxpayer dollars, I would be going on my way to the penitentiary,” Brady said.

CBS 2 legal analyst Irv Miller suggested it’s M.K. Pritzker, not J.B., who is in the most legal jeopardy from state or federal prosecutors. He said he’s never heard of a property tax case like this being prosecuted at any of those levels.

“It’s not usually this blatant though,” Miller said.

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CBS 2 reached out to both state and federal prosecutors. The U.S. attorney’s office had no comment. A spokesman for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said they are reviewing the report.