CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man who had been on the run after police found him and a second suspect in a U-Haul van filled with stolen firearms has been arrested in connection with a gun heist in Memphis.

Sunday afternoon, a U-Haul van was spotted outside a Walgreens store in south suburban Midlothian, after a caller told police two men had been seen selling drugs from the truck. Sources told CBS 2 the men were actually selling stolen guns.

When officers arrived, they questioned two men in the van, and told them to step out, but they locked the door. When police saw boxes labeled “Ruger” in the truck, they broke the van’s window, and the two suspects jumped out the other side of the vehicle and ran away.

Police captured one of the suspects, 18-year-old Taveyan Turnbo, a few hours later, but the second got away. Wednesday afternoon, Midlothian police announced the second suspect, 24-year-old Roland Jackson, had been arrested with the assistance of Chicago police.

Federal prosecutors announced Tuesday that Turnbo and Jackson both had been charged with federal gun violations, in connection with the theft of more than 350 firearms from a UPS distribution center in Memphis.

The pair allegedly pulled the U-Haul van onto the lot at the UPS center on Sunday, stole three pallets of guns shipped from a Ruger factory in North Carolina, and drove them to Midlothian.

UPS officials told federal authorities the three pallets contained 367 guns, including .22 caliber and .380 caliber firearms.

Turnbo and Jackson allegedly sold three of the stolen guns in Midlothian before police caught them.