CHICAGO (CBS) — The White Sox had nearly 1,600 strikeouts this past season. But more bad swings (and maybe a few decent ones) will take place this weekend at Guaranteed Rate Field.

That’s where the field will be transformed into a giant driving range. Stadium Links took over Sox park for the weekend. Golfers are getting the chance to hit balls from various spots around the venue.

Targets have been painted in the outfield to create a nine-hole par three course. Other stadiums around the country have hosted the three day event.

“We’ve seen a million baseballs come into outer deck and into the stands, but this is a chance to hit a ball from the stands out onto the field,” said Greg Bedalov, CEO of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority. “The maximum crowd we could accomodate over the weekend is 5,000 and we’re at about 4,700 right now.”