By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS)–President Donald Trump targeted Chicago again this week, calling for increased use of “the stop-and-frisk” practice, a law enforcement tactic that was taken out of practice years ago by the city due to criticism it encouraged racial profiling.

The president has previously offered crime-fighting advice for Chicago. About nine months ago, an Ohio man claimed he had solutions for Chicago’s gang problem, and Trump gave him a seat at the table.

Local leaders said Trump’s move was a photo opp.

Ohio pastor Darrell Scott said he did make it to Chicago to help quell the violence, but not many saw him.

“I was recently contacted by some of the top gang thugs in Chicago for a sit-down,” Scott said. “They respect you, they believe in what you’re doing, and they want to have a sit-down about lowering that body count.”

Father Michael Pfleger said he’s never seen Scott.

“I’ve never heard of one thing done by Pastor Scott other than speak at a White House conference,” Pfleger said. “In all this conversation and talk there’s no action. We need action, we need resources, we need funds.”

Charlie Ransford of the organization Cure Violence said he’s also unaware of anything the Trump Administration has done to calm gang violence since the president first made remarks targeting the city in February.

“I’m definitely not aware of anything,”Ransford said.

CBS 2 reports the Trump Administration is planning to talk about Chicago’s gang violence in the near future, but specifics were unknown.

Attempts to reach Scott for comment were unsuccessful.