By Mai Martinez

CHICAGO (CBS)–A group of armed carjackers are striking Chicago drivers, and keyless technology may be at least partially to blame.

Ten carjackings have been reported in Chicago’s North Side in recent weeks. The days of hotwiring cars are over, with keyless technology making it difficult–if not impossible–for would-be car thieves to steal cars.

Their solution? Steal vehicles while the owner has the keys.

Carjackers aren’t necessarily looking for specific makes and models, but actually target drivers who appear distracted, police say.

Chicago motorist Luke Gaston admits he often drifts out of the present moment while he’s in his car and after parking.

“I get out of my car when I pull up, and I never look around or anything, so that’s something I’ll be more aware of when I’m parking now.”

Carlie Manno lives near two carjackings reported on one recent night–one on the 800 block of West Dickens and another on the 800 block of West Willow.

“You really question how safe you are,” Manno said. “I always have my pepper spray like in my hand if it’s late at night, and if I see someone I have it ready to go.”

Chicago police believe the carjackers responsible for the rash of crime might be involved in an armed robbery on the 1600 block of West Barry Wednesday night.

No arrests have been made in any of the incidents.

“I always make sure I look (at) what’s going on around me before I open my car door,” Manno said. “You know, you just have to make sure there’s no one around.”