CHICAGO (CBS)–A Catholic priest charged with sex abuse was removed from Our Lady of Tepeyac in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, but he resurfaced at another Chicago church.

The pastor, Father Rigoberto Gamez, was transferred to Saint Aloysius months after the sex abuse allegations surfaced.

Parishioner Brandon Conant said he was concerned when Father Gamez was moved suddenly in July to another parish.

“He was a wonderful priest–a wonderful pastor and a great leader,” Conant said. “We had another priest come and talk to us and let us know that there was some sort of accusation against him and that it was sexual in nature.”

Today in court, a prosecutor described the incidents at the focus of the allegations–all of which allegedly occurred at Our Lady of Tepeyac.

A 27-year-old woman washing dishes in the rectory kitchen claims Father Gamez fondled her in 2016.

In a second incident, prosecutors said an 18-year-old worker at the church alleges Gamez groped her breast.

She told her parents and they confronted him, the prosecution said.

Father Gamez is also charged with misdemeanor battery for attacking a 17-year-old as she was entering the parish school.

The Archdiocese said in a statement, “It’s important that all who work in parishes and ministries understand behavioral expectations and they plan to train priests and personnel on sexual harassment and boundary violation prevention.”

Gamez was removed by the ministry, but he’s still being housed by the Archdiocese while on electronic monitoring.