CHICAGO (CBS)–The flu season is just starting, but it’s already proven deadly for a Florida child. 

The season’s first death follows one of the deadliest flu seasons on record last year. The Centers for Disease Control estimates 188 kids in the U.S. died from the flu last year and tens of thousands ended up in the hospital.

Doctors say 85 percent of kids who died from the flu last year had not been vaccinated, and Chicago-area physicians are pushing families to bring their kids in for the the vaccine.

Patient receives shot of flu vaccine (AP File Photo)

Some physicians cite myths circulating about the vaccine as reasons parents hesitate about giving it to their kids.

At Donohoe Pediatrics on Chicago’s North Side, physicians are pushing patients to get the vaccine while trying to debunk the myths.

Dr. Courtney Weems says some parents hear myths–like one recent story about kids with egg allergies avoiding the shots–but should talk to their doctors first.

“There were a lot of healthy kids (that got the flu) last year,” she said, adding that some of those seemingly healthy children passed away.

Infants younger than six-months should not get the vaccine, doctors say.